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Periogen Concentrated Oral Rinse Packets - 30ct
Periogen Concentrated Oral Rinse Packets - 30ct

Rinse away tartar-causing bacteria with Periogen Oral Rinse.

This innovative formula is designed to safely soften tartar deposits for easier dental cleanings and reduced plaque buildup between checkups.

Safe on teeth, gums, and dental implants, use Periogen as little as twice a week to see improvement in gum health, bleeding, and tartar buildup.

Periogen works well enough that some users found they can avoid specialty treatments such as deep cleanings or periodontal therapy.

Use Periogen for:

  • Softening existing tartar buildup
  • Preventing new buildup from forming on teeth
  • Managing swollen or bleeding gum tissues
  • A more effective home hygiene routine
  • Gentler, quicker cleanings with your hygienist
  • Irrigating between teeth or below the gumline where tartar builds up the fastest

Each 30ct box of Periogen packets includes enough concentrated powder rinse for 30 days.

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